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Administration & Secretarial Support

Photo Image of Sheila Rusher
Sheila Rusher
Director of ECLC
Photo Image of Megan Bloss
Megan Bloss

Early Childhood Learning Center

Photo Image of Darla Privitt
Darla Privitt
Photo Image of Eden Divers
Eden Divers
Photo Image of Mary Goen
Mary Goen
Photo of Genell Evers
Genell Evers
Building Aide
Photo of Emilee Holt
Emilee Holt
Image of Spartan Logo
Megan Kraus
Building Aide
Photo of Marti Quenga
Marti Quenga
SLP Assistant
Photo of Kimberly Ketchem
Kimberly Ketchem
Building Aide
Photo of Amber Clark
Amber Clark
Building Aide
Photo of Katelain Ford
Katelain Ford
Building Aide
Photo of Angela Brown
Angela Brown
Building Aide
Image of Spartan Logo
Makenzie Bonham
Building Aide
Photo of Jamie Snodgrass
Jamie Snodgrass
Building Aide
Photo of Jessica Morris
Jessica Morris
Health Aide
Photo Image of Ronald Stuck
Ronald Stuck

Parents as Teachers

Photo Image of Carolyn Fleming
Carolyn Fleming
Parent Educator
Photo Image of Ashley Niblett
Ashley Niblett
Parent Educator
Photo Image of Leigh Jeffrey
Leigh Jeffrey
Parent Educator