Moberly School District Header Image
Moberly School District Header Image



Photo Image of Charlie Gibbs
Charlie Gibbs
Director of MATC

Secretarial Support

Photo Image of Connie Windmiller
Connie Windmiller
Secretary to the Director
Photo Image of Mary Beth Carver
Mary Beth Carver
Attendance Secretary

Student Support Services

Photo of Kristie Wilson
Kristie Wilson
Student Services Coordinator
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Photo Image of Julie Wood
Julie Wood
Career Resource Coord

Technical Programs

Photo Image of Mark Belcher
Mark Belcher
Photo Of Marcus Schmidt
Marcus Schmidt
Photo image of Adam King
Adam King
Photo Image of Marcus Flood
Marcus Flood
Machine Tool Technology
Photo Image of Mark Hawkins
Mark Hawkins
Architectual & Engineering Design
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Photo Image of Patrick Goodger
Patrick Goodger
Computer Info Syst I
Photo Image of Chad Crutchfield
Chad Crutchfield
Building Technology
Photo Image of Tim Davis
Tim Davis
Photo Image of Dusty Ancell
Dusty Ancell
Collision Repair
Photo of Gregory Bain
Greggory Bain
Photo of Brooksy Niece
Brooksy Niece
Business Marketing
Photo Image of Vicki Howard
Vicki Howard
Business & Technology
Photo Image of Zach Richardson
Zach Richardson
Business & Technology
Photo Image of LeAnn Koenig
LeAnn Koenig
Business & Technology
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Photo Image of Cathy Kelly
Cathy Kelly
Medical Technology
Photo Image of Lisa Vitt
Lisa Vitt
Medical Technology


Image of Spartan Logo
Adam Hartmann
Photo of Josh Bailey
Josh Bailey