Moberly School District Header Image
Moberly School District Header Image



Photo of Ray Williams
Ray Williams
Assistant Principal
Photo of Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips
Activities Director

Secretarial Support

Photo Image of Brenda McAtee
Brenda McAtee
Photo Image of Jennifer Monckton
Jenifer Monckton
Photo Image of Danielle Linday
Danielle Lindsay
Photo Image of Allie Gibbs
Allie Gibbs
Photo of Vicky Snodgrass
Vicky Snodgrass
Building Aide - Food Service

English Language Arts

Photo Image of Sabria El-Kurbu
Sabria El-Kurbu
Language Art
Photo of Anne Menear
Anne Menear
Language Arts
Photo of Ashlyn Pewterson
Ashlyn Peterson
Language Arts
Photo of Brittany Twenter
Brittany Twenter
Language Arts

Photo of Kathleen Schmidt
Kathleen Schmidt
Language Arts
Photo of Madeline Carasco
Madeline Carasco
Language Arts

Foreign Language

Photo of Andrew Hunt
Andrew Hunt

Social Studies

Photo of Tim Barnett
Tim Barnett
Social Studies
Photo of Jared Shipley
Jared Shipley
Social Studies
Photo of Megan Drennan
Megan Drennan
Social Science
Photo of Emily Beaston
Emily Beaston
Social Science


Photo of Dan Linss
Dan Linss
Photo of Spartan Logo



Photo of Luke Kirkendoll
Luke Kirkendoll
Photo of Nicole Baker
Nicole Baker
Photo of Danielle Brown
Danielle Brown
Photo  of Dalton Owens
Dalton Owens
Photo of Kyler Perry
Kyler Perry
Photo  of Hawk Casey
Hawk Casey

Band & Choir

Photo of Nicholas Welker
Nicholas Welker
Instrumental Music
Photo of Heather Armstrong
Heather Armstrong
Instrumental Music
Image of Spartan Logo
Camille Blanford
Vocal Music
PHoto of Kelley Head
Kelley Head
Accompanist/Collaborative Pianist

Physical Education & Health

Photo  of Cody McDowell
Cody McDowell
Physical Conditioning
Web Page
Photo of Ronni West
Ronni West
Physical Education
Photo  of Jeff Engel
Jeff Engel
PE & Cadet Teaching
Photo  of Tony Vestal
Tony Vestal
PE & Cadet Teaching

Family & Consumer Science


Photo Image of Kathy Brandon
Kathy Brandon
Library Media Specialist
Library Web Page

Special Services

Photo of Davis Gurley
Davis Gurley
Special Services
Photo of Alisa Kirkbride
Alisa Kirkbride
Special Services
Photo of Cheryl Gibbs
Cheryl Gibbs
Special Services
Photo of Birdger Pretz
Bridger Pretz
Special Services
Photo of Alexandria Ganaway
Alexandria Ganaway
Special Services
Photo of Paul Jordan
Paul Jordan
Special Services Aide
Photo of Shelby Campbell
Shelby Campbell
Special Services Aide
Photo of Rebekah Ruggles
Rebekah Ruggles
Special Services Aide
Photo of Ambert Pretz
Amber Pretz
Special Services/Food Service Aide

Student Support Services

Photo of Jessica David
Jessica David
Photo Image of Melissa Davidson
Melissa Davidson
College Career Readiness
Photo of Jessia Morris
Jessica Morris
Health Aide

Custodial Services

Image of Spartan Logo

Photo of Darius Lavy
Darius Lavy
Photo of Logan Bailey
Logan Bailey
Photo of Chris Akers
Chris Akers