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Welcome to the Mission Moberly page!

This page will be used to provide a quick overview of the progress we have made in each of the Mission Moberly Goals. When possible we will provide pictures, board presentations and other resources to help keep you informed of our progress. Additionally, we have provided a set of links on the right side of this page which will provide more information about Mission Moberly.

Mission Moberly Timeline

2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23
Goal 1: CCR 1.2.2 1.1.1 1.1.2
Goal 2: HQS 2.1.1 2.1.2 & 2.2.2
Goal 3: SSE 3.1.1 & 3.2.1 3.1.2
Goal 4: ES/G 4.2.1 4.2.2
Goal 5: E 5.2.1 5.2.1 5.1.1

Goal 1: College & Career Readiness

All students will be educated to develop strong foundational and analytical problem solving skills to graduate ready for post-secondary success.

Student's engaged in learning.
Engaged Learning!
Student's learning from local business leader!
Learning essential skills
from community leaders!
MATC students working on project.
Career & Technical Skills!
Student's goal setting poster.
Career Goal Setting!

Priority 1.1: Expand programming to increase opportunities for all students to engage in relevant learning and achieve success.
Focus 1.1.1: Develop and implement a K-5 Project Based Learning program.

Focus 1.1.2: Expand enrollment capacity and programming for pre-K students.

Priority 1.2: Provide students at all grade levels multiple pathways to post-secondary education programs and career opportunities through career exploration.
Focus 1.2.1: Provide mentorship experiences for older students to share programs and activities with younger students.
Completed June 2019. Focus 1.2.2: Create an internship/career based program that provides students work experiences in passion-driven, career-oriented pathways of study with real-world business and industry across the community. (i.e. Career and Professional Studies (CAPS))

  • Focus Area 1.2.2 Board Presentation

  • Focus 1.2.3: Develop career pathway curriculum that promotes self-reflection and student understanding of career pathways and personal goals.

    Goal 2: High Quality Staff

    Recruit, attract, develop and retain quality staff to effectively carry out the mission, vision, values, and goals of MPS to meet the needs of each student in every classroom.

    New Teacher's collaborating and learning together.
    Supporting New Teachers!
    New teachers working together before the start of school
    Collaborative Culture!
    Mrs. Garnett interacting with students in her class.
    Encouraging Risk Takers!
    Student's goal setting poster.
    Engaging PD Opportunities!

    Priority 2.1: Provide a supportive work environment, competitive compensation and benefit packages to attract and retain quality staff.
    Completed June 2019. Focus 2.1.1: Provide a supportive work environment, competitive compensation and benefit packages to encourage staff retention and longevity (i.e. salary, leave, staff child care, housing, scheduling, etc.)
  • Focus Area 2.1.1 Board Presentation

  • Focus 2.1.2: Explore a “Grow your Own” teacher development program to generate interest in the teaching profession with Moberly students.

    Priority 2.2: Develop partnerships and promote collaboration with community stakeholder groups, involving staff in the community.
    Focus 2.2.1: Develop a marketing plan to attract quality people by including key stakeholders to help promote the District and community. (i.e. elevator speech/social media, include civic, & faith organizations, etc.)
    Focus 2.2.2: Develop positive working relationships with local colleges and universities to identify quality candidates.

    Goal 3: Safe School Environment (Social/Emotional)

    Develop a Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) to support student social and emotional needs.

    New Teacher's collaborating and learning together.
    New teachers working together before the start of school
    Mrs. Garnett interacting with students in her class.
    Student's goal setting poster.

    Priority 3.1: Optimize classroom learning environments to include programming to support the diverse needs of our students.
    Completed June 2019. Focus 3.1.1: Develop programming to support students who exhibit severe deficits in behavior and emotional regulation (i.e. K-5 behavior support classroom)
  • Focus Area 3.1.1 Board Presentation

  • Focus 3.1.2: Develop and improve programming to support social/emotional learning needs (i.e. trauma-informed care, diversity training, anti-bullying programs)

    Priority 3.2: Increase coordination of mental health services/supports to address the growing mental health needs of our students across all grade levels.
    Completed June 2019. Focus 3.2.1: Determine program and staffing needs for social emotional support through thorough review process (i.e. Internal Improvement Review (IIR) from Missouri Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling)
  • Focus Area 3.2.1 Board Presentation

  • Goal 4: Efficient Systems and Governance

    Govern the school district in an efficient and effective manner, demonstrating fiscal responsibility and good stewardship of resources.

    Priority 4.1: Engage in reflective practices that promote District improvement.
    Focus 4.1.1: Establish a vision for the district through a collaborative process that engages stakeholders within the district and community. Annually, conduct a work session to review the status of the vision implementation (district goals), engage in a self-evaluation process to evaluate Board performance, outline roles and define how the Board and Superintendent will work together.
  • Focus Area 4.1.1 Board Presentation

  • Focus 4.1.2: Cultivate relationships within the district and seek involvement of community to help develop future Board members.

    Priority 4.2: Without negatively impacting the goals of the district, identify targeted efficiencies, cost reductions, cost avoidances, and possible alternative revenues annually in the development of a budget.
    Focus 4.2.1: Maximize the relationship between the District and other organizations (i.e. MACC and the City of Moberly) and surrounding districts to expand opportunities for students and increase efficiency of resources (i.e. consolidation, tuition rates, cooperative agreements, dual credit fees and A+ program)
    Focus 4.2.2: Consider opportunities to increase operational revenue within existing tax levy (i.e. no tax increase transfer from debt service to operating levy, district facilities use fees)

    Priority 4.3: Collaborate with appropriate stakeholders to advocate for policy at the local, state, and national levels in the best interest of public schools.
    Focus 4.3.1: Develop an advocacy action plan for supportive public school policy and to inform and empower local stakeholders.

    Goal 5: Engagement for Student Success

    Engage stakeholders in reinforcing the importance of education and creating unique school experiences driven by student areas of interest.

    Priority 5.1: Promote high levels of student engagement in class and school programming.
    Focus 5.1.1: Provide opportunities for students to review classroom experiences and provide input on school engagement.

    Priority 5.2: Create programs to partner with parents to be involved in the school day and to promote the value in education.
    Focus 5.2.1: Collaborate with stakeholders to identify critical grade level benchmarks that indicate readiness for post graduate success. (Key Performance Indicators (KPI))

    Focus 5.2.2: Develop a committee to collect input and make decisions promoting parent involvement.