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It’s hard to get a job done effectively without all the right tools. Children have varied learning abilities and unique learning styles. The Moberly Public School Foundation provides funding for the tools MPS teachers and educators need to navigate classroom learning styles, create innovative programming and enhance current curriculum. Your gift to the foundation will provide teaching resources and programs not typically covered by the Moberly Public Schools operating budget.

How does it work? Each year the Foundation asks for funds from the community, then awards these funds back to teachers and schools through classroom grants. Innovative projects private dollars have funded:

Fall 2022 MPSF Grant Awards!

Total grant funds awarded during the 2022/2023 school year totalled almost $14,000.

Better classroom teaching directly benefits our children.
Your gift will leverage your tax dollars already in use, providing quality education for the children in our community!

Your Gift. Their future!

Your donations stay local! Invest in the future of our community.

The Foundation was formed with the goal of championing the educational success of Moberly public school children by supporting the classrooms, programs and educators in the Moberly Public School system. Grants back to teachers are the most effective way to accomplish this goal.

The funds used for these grants are donated in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Honorarium and memorial gifts are a welcomed way to remember a loved one.
  • Tax-deductible gifts from your individual or business account
  • Planned gifts from bequests, investment accounts or capital expenditure
  • Sponsorship gifts for special recognitions.

Please contact 660.269.2600 for any questions regarding making a donation to the Foundation. Our board is happy to work with you on the best ways to use your gift to accomplish your goals and impact our students.

Most grant funds come through the annual sales of the Major Saver cards. The cards are sold each spring by MPS students, and feature discounts and offers from Moberly businesses for those who buy them. The students earn small rewards for each card sold, and the proceeds are given to the Foundation to award back to the schools. It’s a win-win for everyone in our community!

Image of the Moberly Major Savor Card

Your Gift. Their future!

Building on community partnerships, showcasing our successes

As the Foundation works toward the goal of building a stronger Moberly, we want to use as examples past Moberly Public School successes stories and recognize leaders in our educational community. Each fall at MPS Homecoming, the Foundation awards the following honors upon alumni and retired educators:

Distinguished Educator Award

Every generation needs heroes and role models. The Moberly school district has had many educators who could be considered both. We are trying to identify individuals who have left a legacy and have kept education a priority in their community.

If you would like to submit a nomination for the Distinguished Educator Award, please download and submit the Distinguished Educator Award application by clicking the link below.

Distinguished Educator Award Application

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Moberly Public Schools Foundation Distinguished Alumni Award has been established to recognize graduates of Moberly High School for outstanding achievements and contributions to society following graduation. These recipients reflect strong role models with strengths of character and citizenship to inspire and challenge today’s students.

If you would like to submit a nomination for the Distinguished Educator Award, please complete this application.

Distinguished Alumni Award Application

Your nominee could be joining with an impressive list of Moberly citizens dedicated to education. Past recipients include:

Distinguished Educator Award Recipients

2023 - Ed Lewis
2023 - Aaron Vitt
2022 - Nancy Fleming
2022 - Judy Carr
2021 - Brenda Barner
2021 - Mike Barner
2021 - Sam Richardson
2020 - Wendy Carter
2020 - Jonean Ratliff
2019 - Terry Fowler
2019 - Arthur "Lynn" Yocum
2018 - Gena McCluskey
2017 - Paul Copenhaver
2017 - Elizabeth Hall
2017 - Jill Hughes
2016 - Ronald Self
2016 - Greg Klokkenga
2016 - Judy Wetrich
2015 - Ken Asbury
2015 - Anne Miller

Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

2023 - Don Burton
2023 - Dru Buntin
2023 - Christian Tadrus
2022 - Dean Miller
2022 - Bobby RIley
2021 - Cole Davis
2020 - Charles Fleming
2020 - Jeff Lawrence
2019 - Andale Gross
2019 - William "Barry" Orscheln
2018 - Michael Fusselman
2018 - Sylvia Ganaway
2018 - Laura Heimann
2018 - Jerry Jeffrey
2017 - Dr. Jeffery Lashley
2017 - Jeff Kitchen
2017 - Kimmy Daly Tadrus
2016 - J. W. & Linda Ballinger
2015 - Joseph F. Knaebel
2015 - Dr. Greg Jorgenson
2015 - Andrew Medler

Your friends and neighbors, working to improve our schools.

The Foundation is governed by an all-volunteer board of community leaders who are passionate about public education and committed to MPS student success. Founded in September, 1996, the Foundation provides ways for private dollars to benefit the educational opportunities in the Moberly Public Schools. Each board member serves three year terms, for a maximum of two terms. Contact us if you’d like to partner with schools by volunteering your time in this way.

2022-2023 Moberly Public Schools Foundation Board Members

Amy Hager, President
Glenna Greene, Recording Secretary
Nick Miller, Treasurer
Troy Bock
Tanya Wright
Matt Crist
Mike Skubic
Chloe Pickle
Parisa Stoddard, Ex-Officio

Mailing Address:

PO Box 104
Moberly MO 65270
United States