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COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

Resources & Information

The Moberly School District is committed to providing support services to students during the extended closure of school due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Information on how the district plans to ensure children have meals at no cost to families, academic opportunities, health services, social/emotional support and technology assistance can be found in sections provided on this page. Utilize the “COVID-19 Menu” above to access a specific topic of interest.

Nutrition Services

Moberly School District is partnering with Opaa!
and Randolph County Caring Communities to serve grab-and-go meals.

Food Service Update!

Opaa! will now also provide breakfasts and lunches for Saturday and Sunday beginning Friday April 17! To better comply with the Randolph County Stay at Home Order, however, Grab & Go meal pickup days will now be limited to three days per week (MWF) beginning on Monday April 13.

Thanks to the Moberly School District’s partnership with Opaa! (providing breakfasts and lunches for every day of the week) and Randolph County Caring Communities (providing weeknight dinners), Grab & Go meals are available for anyone 18 years of age or younger at no charge. During the COVID-19 school closure, these meals can be picked up curbside between 11am and 1pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at North Park, South Park, and Moberly High School as follows:

  • Monday: SIX (6) Grab & Go Meals will include Monday lunch and dinner, Tuesday breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Wednesday breakfast.
  • Wednesday: SIX (6) Grab & Go Meals for Wednesday Lunch through Friday breakfast.
  • Friday: SEVEN (Yes, 7!) Grab & Go Meals for Friday lunch and dinner, Saturday and Sunday breakfasts and lunches, and Monday breakfast!
Please note there will be no meal pickups on Tuesdays or Thursdays.


  • North Park Elementary
    909 Porter Street
    Go to side door on the North side of the building on Jefferson Avenue.
  • South Park Elementary
    701 South 4th Street
    Go to kitchen door on North side of the building on Gilman Street.
  • Moberly High School
    1625 Gratz Brown
    Enter main drive, parking lot on right side. Go to kitchen door on North side of the building, just East of the Weight Room door.

Office Hours & Contact Information

The District will continue to balance protecting public health, the health of our employees while continuing to provide great service to our community. Our buildings and central office will be closed to the public, but as needs arise, please utilize email to communicate with staff. The district office will be available to receive calls from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. at (660) 269-2600. Building administrators will be monitoring voicemail left on building phone lines.

Below are the building staff directory pages. When you go to a building directory page, click on the name of the teacher to email them.

Academic Opportunities

We recognize there are many challenges associated with the closure of our schools. Please know we are doing everything we can to help our families through this. Our intention is to sustain our students’ learning of this year’s curriculum and to provide enrichment activities to keep students’ minds engaged. We will observe spring break next week and then look forward to engaging with our students online beginning March 30th. During the school closure, the district and buildings will hold office hours which may be subject to change. If your child needs something that was left at school, please contact the building or district office to get assistance.

Devices At Home

All students brought their Chromebook and charger home from school this week to assist us in e-learning during the time of closure. This change in K-8 bringing Chromebooks home is only for the time our district is closed -- all Chromebooks will need to be returned once we are back in session so we can continue to have Chromebooks at school for these grades.

Allowing students to bring Chromebooks home ensures all students have access to a device for virtual instruction until we are back in session. Teachers have been working with students to ensure they are familiar with various educational apps and websites as well as making sure they are comfortable with Google Classroom. Digital citizenship and online safety expectations have been reviewed with all students.

Beginning March 30th, students will be expected to follow the “Student To-Do List” below for online learning days. Teachers will be evaluating student work daily and be available through the online learning platform, Google Classroom, and through school email at various times throughout regularly scheduled school days. Please be patient for a response as teachers may be assisting other students/parents throughout the learning time. Parents who have questions or concerns about e-learning or specific assignments are encouraged to email their child’s teacher and/or the building principal.

Parents, families and home guardians play a critical role in learning at home. Because no two families are alike, families can support their children in a variety of ways. With this in mind, the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE) has provided the following document with useful information on how to support student learning at home.

How to Support Student Learning at Home

Student To-Do List (K-5 parents should help monitor this)
All students should:
  • organize learning based on the assigned lessons.
  • check and complete online assignments and learning daily.
  • email teachers if they are confused or have additional questions.
  • reach out to teachers if they cannot complete assignments.
During the closure, our district will continue to carefully monitor the spread of the coronavirus. Should additional communication be necessary, messages would be shared via email and/or website.

The Missouri DHSS has created a COVID-19 hotline to provide guidance and answer questions from citizens and healthcare providers. The number is 877-435-8411. This number can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is being operated by medical professionals.

Parent Letter Regarding Grades During COVID-19 School Closure!

On March 17, Moberly School District announced the closure of its schools effective at the end of the day in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chromebooks went home with students, and plans were in place to utilize eLearning for student enrichment and learning opportunities during the closure. Now as we face eLearning through the end of the school year, a second semester grading plan is necessary. Moberly School District teachers will follow the guidelines outlined in the parent letter below for second semester grading. Click on the link below to download the parent letter.

Parent Letter Regarding Grades

Technology Services

During the time schools are closed, the district is promoting online learning for its K-12 students. Every student has a Chromebook available to them. If your child did not come home with one, please contact your child's building office for assistance.

To make this as successful as possible, it is important that every family have access to the internet. To assist families who do not have internet in their homes, there are a couple of options available:
  1. All district school buildings have wifi that your child's Chromebooks can automatically connect to. The wifi is strong enough to provide internet in the parking lot.

  2. Spectrum will provide free internet service to any parent with K-12 student(s) who lives within the service area and doesn't have access to the internet. The company will install and provide internet for 60 days. We now have two numbers that can be called for spectrum in-home services, for students of Moberly (City Wide).
    • 1-855-757-7328 Spectrum in-home services
    • 1-844-488-8395 Spectrum in-home services

  3. Socket Fast track in-home services is available citywide and anywhere they have fiber. Please call 573-817-0000 Option 1
If you have additional questions or concerns about internet service or technology please make contact with your child's teacher or building principal.

Special Services

As our school district continues to navigate these uncharted waters of addressing the pandemic, many questions regarding special services have surfaced. At this time, due to school closure, all special service and related service minutes are suspended for the duration of the school closure. However, as shared through other district communication, general education and special education teachers are planning to provide online and/or paper enrichment activities to all students beginning March 30, 2020.

Special education teachers will be available by email if you have questions for your case manager. If your child’s IEP or triennial evaluation comes due during this school closure, your child’s case manager or our District Process Coordinator (Mrs. Lindsay Overfelt) will be contacting you by phone to set up a meeting. All meetings will be required to be by phone. There will be no on-site meetings for special services during this time.

During these unusual times, the Moberly School District is putting the health of our students’ and staff first. Information regarding COVID-19 is rapidly changing, and as we gain a better understanding of this pandemic, you will receive communication from the Moberly School District.

Health Services - Spartan Clinic

Clarity Healthcare and the Moberly School District understand the importance of continuity of care for medical services and behavioral health services for the students and staff of the school district.

Spartan Clinic will continue to operate as normal, but will be in a new (temporary) location at the Gratz Brown Elementary School at 1320 Gratz Brown Road. Patients will enter the clinic using the exterior door south of the main entrance of Gratz Brown Elementary. Call the numbers below for appointment availability and triaging Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


If you feel your child is sick and needs to be seen, please utilize this service to help prevent an influx of patients being seen in the ER or Urgent Care. Before a child or staff member can be seen, please contact the nurse practitioner, Brooke Gipson, at 660-225-1188, or clinic nurse, Melinda Reed, at 660-530-4375, so appropriate triage can take place and keep potentially contagious patients away from others.

Behavioral Health

If your student is currently receiving behavioral health services from the Spartan Clinic, or you feel your student would benefit from additional support during this time, please contact Tara Lusby at 660-290-0104 to schedule an appointment.

Telehealth Options

If your child receives services with Tara or Amy and they aren’t feeling well, or you are worried about getting them out with the current COVID-19 situation, please note that telehealth services are an option. Current patients will be receiving a letter with instructions on how to connect via telehealth.

Behavioral Health Med Management:

If your student is currently a patient of Amy Linss for behavioral health med management, services will continue via Telehealth. Please call Corby Smith at 573-603-1460, ext. 2326, to schedule or cancel an appointment, or if refills are needed.

The Spartan Clinic enrollment and registration forms are available on the Moberly School District Health Services web page. Click the link below to go to the Health Services page to download the forms.

Moberly School District Health Services

Social Emotional Supports

The Counseling Department has set up the following auto reply for all emails received during the school closure. The response reads: Thank you for your email. Due to school closure, there may be a delay in response. I will reply as soon as possible. If this is a mental health emergency, please contact the Burrell Crisis Hotline at 1-800-395-2132 or call 911 immediately. Supporting our staff, students and families socially and emotionally during this time is very important. If you or your child have questions that are not an emergency in nature, please email your child’s building counselor for assistance. The following link provides additional resources during a pandemic:

CDC: Manage Anxiety & Stress

Burrell Behavioral Health
Burrell Behavioral Health will be hosting a “Be Well Community” initiative on Facebook Live each day from 12:45 PM – 1:15 PM. During this time, anyone in the community can hop on for a general self-care check-in and engage in self-care activities. Click the link below to go to the Burrell Behavioral Health facebook page to access the live event.

Burrell Behavioral Health Facebook Page

Employee Resources

Optum has launched a new website that is available for all Employee Assistance Programs (formerly Care24) employers, members and brokers. All of their COVID-19 resources are on this site, including videos, flyers and webinars. As new materials are created, they will be added to this site. Click the link below to access the Optum COVID-19 Resource Page.

Optum COVID-19 Resources
UHC Benefits During COVID-19

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